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Are you still getting laid?! How to reclaim a good sex life during COVID-19

By Cari Oneal | December 9, 2020

Questions about sex during a pandemic? Relationships are complicated enough as is— throw in a global pandemic and we’ve found ourselves in all-new territory. Navigating healthy, interesting, and consistent sex…

Physical Touch: why we need it and how to get it

By Cari Oneal | November 18, 2020

Let’s talk a bit about the importance of touch during the pandemic, the various types of touch, and a few ways you can make sure you are getting the healthy…

Exciting News about Dr. Cari Oneal!

By Cari Oneal | October 22, 2020

No I didn’t give birth again – it just feels like I did… Thank you for being a fan of my work— this year I celebrated 4 years in private…

Why Do Ex-Mormons Seek Out Sex Coaching?

By Cari Oneal | May 3, 2020

Here’s Why Ex- Mormons Seek Out Sex Coaching Hi, I’m Dr. Cari Oneal, a holistic practitioner in the field of sexual health and wellness. I’m in private practice helping Ex-Mormon…

Kinksters Are Vastly Different Sexually – Yet the Same

By Cari Oneal | December 17, 2019

Come to Rocky Mountain Rebellion!        Over the last number of months, the Kink communities in the Greater Salt Lake area have embraced me, my biases, and my…

“Can you Help our Daughter? We’re Afraid!”

By Cari Oneal | November 12, 2019

“Congratulations Graduate! Your education was gritty and the rigor you displayed finding your greatness among your brokenness will always serve you.” I received a High School graduation announcement today from…

Can I get what I want and need at 57 years old?

By Cari Oneal | August 3, 2019

Yesterday I spoke to a 57-year-old woman who admitted she was quite controlling, has trust issues with friends and lovers, her father was a sexual predator and she was raped…

What is a Sexologist?

By Cari Oneal | July 3, 2019

If a picture is worth a thousand words… This video should be even better. This is the best explanation so far. In a nutshell –  I’m a holistic practitioner in…

Regret and Surprising Sexual Shortcuts that Cost

By Cari Oneal | February 18, 2019

I had a client a few years back tell me she was going to take her 17-year-old daughter to the pediatrician for birth control. It is unfamiliar to me that…

Dr. Cari O'neal

Podcast Transcript with Dr. Patti Britton

By Cari Oneal | May 4, 2020

Hi, please introduce yourself.Dr. Cari Oneal from OwningYourSexuality.com creator of the Optimal Sex Pyramid, a comprehensive model for sexual Well-Being. What is the Optimal Sex Pyramid by definition?The academic title…

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