Sexy Holiday Gifts for More Fun in the Bedroom

Holiday Gift Guide to bring more passion to the bedroom

Looking for sexy holiday gifts to bring more fun and passion to your bedroom? Unless it’s your kink (which I respect) you might be tired of giving or receiving socks, sweaters, and blankets for gifts every year…

Let’s put some SEX in X-mas!

Make this holiday season one of sexy excitement and fun for you and your lover(s)! From sexy skill-mastery online courses to discrete furniture designed to support unique sex positions, I curated this gift guide to share my favorite products to help you feel more passion and pleasure in your bedroom.

Wishing you and yours a joyful holiday season and a sexy new year,

Dr. Cari

Full disclosure, the links on this page are affiliate links. That means when you follow a link and purchase a product, I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that supports the Sex Positive work I do— thank you in advance!

Squirting Orgasms: From Myth to Mastery

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like giving a gift that will provide you and your’s with greater sexual confidence and depth of pleasure. Women who squirt tend to be multi-orgasmic and experience greater pleasure than their non-squirting counterparts. The great news? This type of orgasm is available to EVERYONE with a vulva — you just need the right knowledge, practice, and permission. If squirting is something you’ve been wanting to experience, this course is far and away the best of its kind.

Note: many women have never experienced an orgasm, let alone a squirting orgasm. While this course focuses on the unique skill of squirting, the information is relevant for all types of female orgasm.

Hot Tip: Getting this gift? Pair it with the TOP Waterproof Blanket (below) for the perfect themed gift bundle!

Sex Positive Event Essentials

If going to sex parties is on your bucket list for 2022, then this is the ultimate gift for you and your partner! Learn what to expect, how to play well with others, and how to navigate the unique social etiquette of sex parties. Show up confident and ready to play!

This course is required by a number of event hosts because they’ve seen just how much more fun we have when we show up informed and ready to play.

The Bedroom Game

Ever too tired to be creative, in a sex rut, or just want to mix it up?  This is an EASY way to mix up your action, pattern, and pleasure!  I shuffle them, pick 4 random cards, put a “scene together with the suggested actions,” and then set a timer!  When the time’s up, your partner gets to pick 4 cards and they initiate the scene of what they randomly chose.  This is such an inexpensive idea generator, EVERY ADULT needs this deck in their bedside drawer or play box!

SDC Membership

Looking for more national and international playmates, events, and fun in the Lifestyle? This Swingers dating site is my top recommendation. Connect with couples and singles around the globe and be sure to take advantage of the wide range of erotic, entertaining, and educational content.

Click here for a 20-day free trial.

TOP Waterproof Blanket

This waterproof blanket is your best friend when it comes to easy cleanup after messy sex!  I own three so I always have one clean and nearby! With one in the living room, bedroom, car, and playroom you’re ready anytime and anywhere.

With multiple sizes, colors, and its ability to easily be washed, this one is my favorite waterproof blanket. Preparing for juicy sex takes a lot of stress off you by not having to worry about the mess.


This lube will keep the holiday overwhelm gliding smoothly. Uberlube is a pure, premium lubricant, uniquely designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. Long-lasting performance that lets skin feel skin. Made with clean and condom-friendly ingredients, Uberlube dissipates when no longer needed—no sticky residue! Uberlube is a top-tier lube, recommended by leading doctors (including Dr. Cari Oneal!)


*Pro-tip: this is “made for women” but men can learn a WHOLE LOT so don’t overlook this as one of THE BEST purchases you’ll ever make to understand the female body, what it likes, needs, and how it responds.  OMGyes is an ongoing effort to explore female sexual pleasure through groundbreaking research that’s told through the real-life experiences of women of all ages and life stages. The result is a miraculous collection of videos and lessons designed to help deepen our understanding of female pleasure.

With a one-time purchase, you have access to every lesson, video, diagram, and amazing content that OMGyes has to offer.

The Esse II Lounger

Deck the halls with whips and sex furniture?? Yes please! Anything from Liberator is sexy as fu*k and THIS is on the top of MY wish list. And what’s better, many of these pieces are discrete, so when your in-laws come for the holidays, they are none-the-wiser about that unique lounge chair in your house. This piece is elegant and fun (AND they have a sexy Black Label chair for those who want/need restraints…).

Why do I LOVE Liberator?… Because they KNOW sex and how to support pleasure for all shapes, sizes, and body capabilities.  Having the right tooling in the bedroom greatly enhances the desired outcomes.

With a wide range of furniture and toys, Liberator has something to spark everyone’s interest!

Want even more of my favorites? …you delicious naughty reader… meet me over here under the mistletoe!

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