How to overcome sexual “stuckness,” EFT, & my dissertation

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Life-Long Sexual Satisfaction & overcoming sexual “stuckness”— sounds like a dream, right?

Understanding what keeps a person sexually healthy and creates sexual satisfaction over a lifetime, regardless of age, gender, orientation(s), proclivities, culture, education, and even their own background of trauma and abuse

That was the information I needed after my 20-year sexless marriage ended. 

I thought, “surely if I only knew this information I’d be able to create a better experience moving forward…” As it turns out, no one had distilled it.

So I made this crusade for truth the focus of my Ph.D. dissertation.  After working through it with thousands of clients, stripping out the academic jargon so people could relate to it, I affectionately came to call it the Superior Sex Pyramid. 

I call it “Superior Sex” because as it turns out, there really is a rhyme and a reason as to how to develop a healthy relationship with your sexuality — regardless of what you’ve been through or how stuck you feel.  

This is the first time EVER that the original work of my Ph.D. and the core of my coaching framework has been distilled into a single conversation. Listening to this podcast is the best way to get to know me, the work that I do, what makes my coaching uniquely transformational, and perhaps gain a better understanding of how you can move through your own stuckness.

In this 60min podcast episode, I share…

  • My original work exposing what it takes to achieve life-long sexual satisfaction.
  • The moment I knew the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”) would be the tool to provide my clients with the transformation they are looking for.
  • A peek into what getting a Sexological education looks like (spoiler: lots of fun fieldwork!)
  • A deep dive into understanding Sex, Psychology, and Relationships to help anyone work through their stuckness.

Cari Oneal

I help individuals become sexually confident and show them how to bring that energy into everything else they do. Shoot me a message, introduce yourself, and tell me what sort of information you want to learn about!


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