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Master important skills related to Sex, Psychology, & Relationships with these free, original guides I've made for clients.

Looking for mental clarity?

Better understand where your thoughts are coming from and which ones you choose to listen to. This tool helps you gain control over your busy mind so you can make decisions from a place of clarity.

Worrying about that conversation you know you should have?

We've all been in this situation with a loved one — afraid to have that difficult but necessary conversation because the stakes seem so high.

This guide walks you through Dr. Oneal's proven method for having productive, healthy (albeit difficult), conversations.

Want to feel more sensual? Connect with your 5 senses!

Tuning into the 5 senses is one of the best ways to boost sensuality. This mini-guide encourages you to explore what pleases you and tune in with your body.

Accidentally hurt a loved one?

Didn't handle that situation with perfect grace & poise? This tool has improved every relationship I engage in— from romantic to parenting!

Everyone makes mistakes— learn how to mess up and still hug it out after.

Sexual Trauma getting in the way of fully enjoying your sexuality?

This trifold introduces you to the basic elements that YOU MUST process in order to fully heal from trauma.

Processing these three elements leads to your freedom, confidence, and ability to fully embrace your sexual self.

Dr. Oneal on Podcasts

Squirting Orgasms: What are they and how can I do it every time?!

Are you curious about squirting orgasms? Wondering if they are real, only pee, or just for porn stars? Join us with Sexologist, Dr. Cari Oneal— an expert in Squirting Orgasms. She takes us through some of the common myths related to squirting, explains female arousal, and instructs that EVERY vulva-owner can squirt if they want to learn.
TheSexyLifestyle-player-wide (2)

How EFT (Tapping) Can Help You Achieve Life-Long Sexual Satisfaction— Take a Breather Podcast

Who isn't looking for life-long sexual satisfaction? In this episode of The Take a Breather Podcast, we dive into how I help individuals create the sex lives they dream about.
This is the first time EVER where the original work of my PhD and the core of my coaching framework has been distilled into a single conversation... You're going to love this one.
Take a Breather Podcast

Sexual health during COVID and beyond— What the Health? Podcast

Have you noticed sexual desire wanes with familiarity? People are reporting less desire for sex and intimacy even though they’re together more during this time of COVID and quarantines.

Join this episode of “What the Health?” with Dr. Eckel featuring Dr. Cari Oneal as they talk about sex & intimacy, touch, and hard conversations during COVID (and beyond).

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The Swinging Sexologist and the Squirting Orgasm— The Sexy Lifestyle Podcast

Dr. Cari Oneal joins The Sexy Lifestyle Podcast in this episode about preparing for life after the pandemic, swing lifestyle, and squirting orgasms! 

Emerging from the crazy year of 2020, Dr. Oneal discusses the impact isolation has had on our sex lives AND how we can bounce back with passion. And yes— we talk about squirting orgasms!

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