How to overcome sexual “stuckness,” EFT, & my dissertation

Life-Long Sexual Satisfaction & overcoming sexual “stuckness”— sounds like a dream, right? Understanding what keeps a person sexually healthy and creates sexual satisfaction over a lifetime, regardless of age, gender, orientation(s), proclivities, culture, education, and even their own background of trauma and abuse… That was the information I needed after my 20-year sexless marriage ended. …

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How is EFT Used to Cultivate a Great Sex Life?

Sexologist demonstrating the cheekbone EFT tapping point

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping, is a highly effective therapeutic tool for the treatment of physical pain and emotional distress.  EFT is one of the few modalities known to release negative emotions or beliefs and rewire the brain. For this reason, it has been rapidly gaining popularity and respect. If you…

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