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Finding and Using Your Voice To Create The Life You Want (Private Retreat)

Theme: Finding and Using Your Voice To Create The Life You Want.

The promoter of this event reached out to me to ask if I had anything I could add to the theme because she was aware that her audience was very sex-positive.  We discussed the various ways one uses their voice (or shuts it down) related to sexuality. We could have spent the entire retreat on this very BIG topic.  In the end, we chose to open the discussion about Consent, why we need it and what keeps us from practicing it “in the wild.”  Building on that we added workshops to practice consent and other ways to explore sexual voice.  I am looking forward to being a part of this dynamic group to facilitate their growth and awareness!


This is a private event

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Cari Oneal

I help individuals become sexually confident and show them how to bring that energy into everything else they do. Shoot me a message, introduce yourself, and tell me what sort of information you want to learn about!