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Dr. Cari Oneal’s new website!

Pop the champagne! 🍾🥂

This fall I celebrated 4 years in business! It’s been a labor of love creating and building a Sex Coaching practice. 2020 has been a transformative year to say the least— I hope you and your loved ones are managing your mental, physical and emotional health as best you can DESPITE the extraordinary events of this year in so many significant areas of life. I’ve done a lot of reflecting since the pandemic hit and I’m more committed than ever to my mission to help individuals and couples Own What Matters related to Sex, Psychology & Relationships.  Owning what matters, not to me, but to YOU and helping you find your vision and your voice to create it.

That said, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new website! It’s been a major undertaking and I hope you like the new look.

Some of the great new features include:

  • Mobile and Video-friendly
  • New Blog page where you can find my Sex Positive articles
  • New Event page where you can find new classes in Facebook Live and other platforms.
  • Quick links to connect with me on social media
  • Feedback from current and former clients regarding their thoughts and growth while working with me related to Sex, Psychology & Relationships


What you can expect going forward…

My goal is to start creating and sharing more content based on the most common issues I see in my Coaching practice which includes:

  • Sex Positive relationship savvy skills for Open Relationships, Consentual-Non Monogamy, and Swing lifestyles
  • Communication tools – communication is Lubrication; it’s hard to get what you want and need if you don’t know how to ask for it. It’s also hard to do if you’re not speaking to your partner ;o)
  • Adult Sex Education and best practices advice related to specific sexual skill sets
  • Energy Psychology: more to support you staying healthy outside of our sessions


Drop me a line and catch me up with you and your families.  I am always interested in how you are doing and how far you’ve come.

Thanks again for being a part of my Sex Positive Tribe!

Make love to everything you do,

Dr. Cari Oneal


P.S. I’m offering one of my best practices on Hard Conversations for FREE to celebrate this milestone! I use this content with clients all the time and hope you find value in it. Click here to download your free copy!

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I help individuals become sexually confident and show them how to bring that energy into everything else they do. Shoot me a message, introduce yourself, and tell me what sort of information you want to learn about!