Are you still getting laid?! How to reclaim a good sex life during COVID-19

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Questions about sex during a pandemic?

Relationships are complicated enough as is— throw in a global pandemic and we’ve found ourselves in all-new territory. Navigating healthy, interesting, and consistent sex during COVID-19 has proved quite difficult! Stress is high, too much time with your partner can drive sexual desire down (counter-intuitive huh?), quarantines without partners, fear for your health, lack of novelty and interest in life, and even personal survival— it’s all on the table now and killing boners around the globe! Many of us don’t have the skill set or know-how to how to approach these new situations. Thankfully there ARE things we can do to boost our sex lives during times of the pandemic and beyond!

Last week I joined “What The Health?!” podcast to discuss exactly this!

Dr. Cari Oneal joins “What the Health?!” podcast to talk about sex during a pandemic

In this podcast episode, we talk about…

  • Keeping sexual desire alive (in covid and overall—the secrets haven’t changed!)
  • How COVID-19 has impacted our sex lives
    • WHY many people are seeing more issues in their sex lives since quarantine started.
  • The number one mistake most couples are making, Covid or not— lack of adaptability!
  • The importance of physical touch (and how to initiate it during the pandemic). For more on that, I have another blog post:
  • Hard conversations!
    • Why we NEED to be having more conversations
    • HOW to start and maintain those less-than-easy conversations

We cover A LOT in this hour-long conversation, most of which I talk with clients about ALL THE TIME. 

Dr. Oneal’s original guide on how to have difficult conversations

This episode is a great, FREE resource for you to gain insights from a professional in the field of sexual wellbeing AND get access to one of my #1 best practices: a guide on how to have “Hard AF Conversations.” More on that later, but if you’re inspired, you can click here to download your copy early!


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