Do You Know How to Reclaim your Sensuality?

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Are you ready to reclaim your sensuality? Do you know HOW to Reclaim your Sensuality? Are you ready for your social Reintroduction* back into the Wild?


Reintroduction, or release, of animals into the wild can be an important tool. While reintroduction can be slow and difficult, it can also bring back species from the brink of extinction and give animals a chance of surviving and reproducing in the wild.

A vaccine has a lot of us hopeful and longing for a return to “normal,” to reconnecting, co-mingling with sexy people, and even crescendoing in acts of coitus— and I know some of you naughty adults like your coitus collectively!

Are YOU ready to get “back to normal” and make good on that bucket list you promised yourself during quarantine?

After months of stress and duress across a LOT of topics, I found my survival instincts and PTSD from childhood trauma track me like a 24-hour shadow. It’s been a drag on my psyche, I gave up a vibrant social life, and now getting out of the house seems to take a LOT more effort than I remember. Yes, this year has changed me and I am feeling a little rusty with my social skills, sexual play skills and I hate to admit it…even my personal grooming feels like it took a hit this year. Yikes!

That said, if back to normal socializing started today… I’d have to admit that I’m not ready for it… because I’m feeling disconnected and numb. If this is you too, I have some thoughts (and a downloadable guide) to help all of us with our proverbial Reintroduction back into the social Wild.

The key to boosting sensuality lies in understanding a couple of fundamental truths:

  1. Relationships with others start with the relationship you have with Yourself.
  2. To be Turned On…you must be Tuned In to your Body.

Start here to reclaim your Sensuality:

Ask yourself the following questions:  (rate yourself from 1-10)

Download the Guide I hand out to my coaching clients to help them improve and Reclaim their Sensuality!
  • How present do you feel right now?
  • Are you feeling your feelings or hiding, burying, self-medicating?
  • It’s been a LONG year, maybe you’ve gotten comfortable or even sexually bored. (Me too!)
    • How would your lover (or lovers) rate your Sensual skill set on a scale from 1-10?
  • How do you rate your own Sensuality, emotional juiciness, joy, or interest in life?
  • What’s the big deal about “Sensuality” anyway?
  • Could feeling more juice, vitality, and interest in life change the rest of the areas in my life?
  • Is being Sensual something you’re born with or does it take a lot of work to learn?

To be turned on, you MUST be tuned in to your body. When we build up emotional walls and tune out of our physical sensations, we cannot enjoy the fruits of sensuality. One of my most effective methods to tune back into sensuality is to start FEELING.

Look around, take note of what you see, smell, taste, hear, feel…

For more detailed insight on HOW to reclaim your sensuality…

I’ve created a downloadable guide that describes why tuning into your senses is such a powerful tool to reconnect with your sensuality AND gives you lots of examples you can try out.

Cheers to re-entering the wild! 🥂

Make Love to Everything You Do,


Dr. Cari Oneal

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