Kinksters Are Vastly Different Sexually – Yet the Same

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Come to Rocky Mountain Rebellion!       

Over the last number of months, the Kink communities in the Greater Salt Lake area have embraced me, my biases, and my curiosities. My doctoral work left me with the bias that REGARDLESS of how you chose to express your sexuality (how you feel about yourself as expressed through erotic and sexual behaviors) fundamentally human nature is human nature.

Yes, I believe that under the behaviors of kink, fetish, swing, hookup, asexual, “vanilla” or other named sexual expressions and whether you practice monogamy, polyamory, or “pick your name and style” you are a being that still wants, needs, hurts, feels, and more than anything requires a connection with other human beings. (I’ve worked with those who were not connecting, defended their choice not to connect with others and when they were willing to feel the pain of their disconnection – found me for its resolve.)

If you look at the Rocky Mountain Rebellion agenda of workshops it may curl your hair if you’re not already a “kinkster” but I felt the interest to bring the event to your attention.

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I still hold my bias. Regardless of whether you engage or want to become educated on the various kink-fair-of-behaviors-jour this weekend from professionals around the region; “these people” (in case they are not “your people”) still want to feel, connect, desire, express, and even love one another. And, they do all of those things.

When you contemplate that the needs of someone vastly different than YOUR sexual expression are the SAME AS YOURS…it feels like humanity just came one step closer to being whole.

I’m speaking on the intersection between getting what you want and need WHILE still keeping a framework for your physical and emotional safety. (There’s a snappier name, but that’s the Oneal break down of the subject for the female-identified caucus.)

It’s a good subject for ALL human beings who connect with others sexually or non-sexually.

Check out the event here:

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