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Boomers are exploring alternative sexual lifestyles!

Erotic Lifestyle for Boomers

In this episode, Dr. Cari Oneal and Dr. Patti dive deeply into alternative sexual and erotic lifestyle options for Boomers. This is one spicy topic! As Dr. Cari says, “There are thousands of 50+ people entering and participating in the Lifestyle (or dreaming about it). The Lifestyle for empty nesters can be like a second chance at youth, save marriage boredom, Rx for Dead Bed, bring interest and new skill sets to stale sexual patterns (yes, teach old dogs new tricks), and really add spice to life marriages that need some revving up”.

Her online class, “Sex Positive Event Essentials” is an easy entry to understanding what goes on at sex parties and lifestyle resorts and what’s expected. In this lively interview, common myths are debunked, new ideas for fun are presented, and the scope of erotic/sexual etiquette is well described.


Listen to the Epsiode (20 min)

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Cari Oneal

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